We operate with a clear strategy and uncommon discipline.

Even within a broadly attractive asset class such as multifamily it is not sufficient to simply get into the game. In order to provide superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors it is crucial to develop an acquisition strategy that identifies opportunities missed by the broader market. We complement this with the discipline to execute and the patience to play for the long term.  



We raise capital from investors in order to purchase underperforming apartment complexes. Then, we renovate them and implement best-in-class professional property management. These improvements increase operating profits which in turn provide returns to our investors.


We take a disciplined approach toward asset acquisition because preserving your capital is a responsibility we cannot take lightly. It's not hard to find properties for sale but it is very difficult to find one that provides risk-adjusted returns worthy of our investors. 


We specialize in Class-B and Class-C multifamily assets with deferred maintenance and/or inefficient management. We cure these deficiencies, thereby improving the operating cash flows and forcing asset appreciation.



Founder/Managing Partner

After founding the firm in January 2017, Chihiro first invested in multifamily in early 2018 and closed his first acquisition as a general partner in 2019. He has professional experience in project management and analytics and is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. He holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.


Founder/Managing Partner

Hunter has real estate and banking experience as Acquisitions Director at Berkshire Property Holdings and prior to that, as an associate on the Capital and Acquisitions team at InvestRes. He has transacted over $100M in multifamily assets and over $300M in retail and industrial assets. He also helped manage acquisitions and dispositions at Spirit Realty Capital, a REIT with over $8 billion in retail and industrial assets under management. He was recognized as an SEC Academic Honor Roll student while playing football at the University of Arkansas. He holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas.


Founder/Managing Partner

Stuart has transacted $185M in commercial real estate as a Managing Director at Hilco Real Estate. He has also raised or transacted over $550M in the investment banking and private equity sectors. He is a University of North Texas graduate and has an MBA from Pepperdine University. He is an active member in the North Texas chapter of the CCIM Institute.

Strategic Partners

Mark Kenney

Mark has invested in over 4,000 units in Texas, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee over the past 25 years.

Mark and his wife Tamiel founded Think Multifamily, a mentorship platform that accelerates the learning curve for multifamily syndicators.

David Lagat

Since 2001, David has owned and operated 27 properties (4,273 units) and currently owns 2,548 units across 11 properties. 

He manages his properties through Bella Asset Management, which he founded in 2010. 

John Monteiro

John has been a real estate investor since 1999 and has a diverse background in everything from notes to single family residential, multifamily redevelopment and new development.


He currently owns and operates 2,048 multifamily units.


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