Currently Owned & Operated

248 unit heavy value-add in Dallas, TX

  • Acquired September 2019

  • Equity Raised: $4,200,000

  • Acquired for approx. 70% of 2.5 mile sales comps on a per-unit basis

  • WHY THIS DEAL? Heavy value-add properties are in less demand, allowing us to purchase at a uniquely low basis and afford a large renovation budget.

128 unit value-add in Abilene, TX

  • Acquired March 2019, under contract to sell Sep. 2020

  • Equity Raised: $2,900,000

  • WHY THIS DEAL? A quirk in the listing saved us several hundred thousand dollars off of list price.

As Limited Partners

114 unit Class-C Apartment Community in Decatur, GA (Atlanta suburb) 

  • WHY THIS DEAL? The submarket exhibits strong economic and demographic fundamentals and the operators are locally experienced.

Mixed use development in Wylie, TX (DFW Metro)

  • WHY THIS DEAL? The Wylie submarket is steadily attracting high-income residents, and this development will fill a need for high-quality retail/commercial tenants in a location with excellent frontage and VPD count. 

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